Compare Theatre Tickets Website Redesign

2019 - 2020

Compare Theatre Tickets is one of the largest London west-end theatre ticket comparison websites. After retaining the same look for nearly a decade, I was approached to redesign the existing website and aid in improving the click through rate using user experience design.

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Compare Theatre Tickets home page


Since one of the primary goals was to improve the click through rate of the website, I began by analysing any statistical data we had from the original website. Fortunately, we had access to recordings of users interacting with the website, which I spent hours watching to better understand which areas users were having the most difficulty on, and pinpointing these as areas to improve.

Collection of artboards of low and high fidelty wireframes


I began by sketching some simple wireframes with the help of the lead developer on the project, who helped by suggesting possible ideas and layouts. From there I jumped straight into Adobe XD and started blocking out these layouts in a variety of styles, which I iterated upon with the help of the notes I had taken when studying the analytical data. After creating dozens of artboards, we narrowed it down to a select few styles, which I then translated to the other key pages (results and tickets). I then created an interactive prototype

Comparing theatre ticket prices for The Lion King


I built a framework based off of the wireframe elements I had previously produced, which I then began to integrate into the existing ASP.NET Core project by stripping out any existing HTML & CSS. With the help of the lead developer, they began to rewrite the results system to add more features when searching to the search functionality, as we discovered to be an area that needed improvement. Since most of the website is automatically generated from data pulled directly from affiliate website API's, we decided to only implement a barebones CMS.

User account page with a selection of tickets being watched for price drops

Analysis & Resolution

In the first 3 months after launch, we noticed a large uptick on some of our key statistics, including unique views, average pages and an increase in affiliate commissions from the improved navigability of the website.

It has since been over a year since launch and looking back at it, there is quite a few changes I would now make to better the user experience of this design, however with the increase in statistics across the board, the client was happy with the results.

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